Diwan Chand Suraj Prakash Jain
11/43, Rambagh, Agra - 282001

Phone :+91-562-2344948/9
Fax : +91-562-4008282
e-mail : info@dcspj.com
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the taj mahal
Established in the year 1964, Diwan Chand Suraj Prakash Jain is a family run business.

A fully environmental friendly foundry running with Natural Gas in the city of Taj Mahal ( rated as one of the seven wonders of the world ), we manufacture quality Investment Cast / Sand cast – Steel, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron ( S.G. Iron ) and Graded Cast Iron Castings in as cast / proof machined / fully machined condition.

Our customers are assured of castings with inbuilt quality which will meet all their quality requirements.
At DCSPJ, we meet the quality requirements as per Indian and International Specifications and are catering to the needs of Government Undertakings, Automobiles, Diesel Locomotives, General Engineering, Machine Tool Industries, Horse Saddlery Manufacturers and several OEM’s of National and International repute.
We manufacture Sand Castings weighing from 0.5 Kgs to 200 Kgs. Single piece and in Investment Castings from few Grams to 25 Kgs.

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of quality Investment cast / Sand cast - Steel, Stainless Steel, S.G.Iron and Graded C.I.Castings in as cast, proof machined/fully machined conditions.

We are meeting the quality requirements as per Indian and International specifications for last over 40 years and we are catering to Government under-takings, Automobiles, Diesel Locomotives, Compressor, General Engineering and Machine Tool Industries. We are equipped with melting facilities having two medium frequency Induction Furnaces each of 300 kg capacity supported by chemical and physical laboratory.

In order to achieve dimensional requirements and foundry defect free castings. We are adopting machine moulding, shell-moulding hand moulding processes utilizing synthetic green sand, No-bake/Air set, CO2 and oil sand systems. We are also in the process of attaining I.S.O certifications. Our general range of casting production in S.G Iron is 0.5 kg to 200 kgs and graded –alloyed cast iron 2.0 kg to 400 kg as piece weight in sand castings and from few grams to 12 Kg in Investment castings for Stainless Steel and S.G. Iron. We assure you of our tested quality as regards chemical, physical and micro structural properties of castings are concerned. A list of Plant & Machinery along with customers list is enclosed for your perusal.

· Melting by Electric Induction Furnaces.
· Micro processor based digital Lab oratory for online analysis of molten metal
· Gas based Generator Sets.
· Pneumatic Molding Machines and semi mechanized sand plant.
· Investment castings facilities.
· Fully equipped metallurgical testing laboratory
· Well equipped felting and grinding shop
· Shot Blasting Machine swing table type.
· Sand Blasting Rotary belt type.
· Gas heat treatment furnaces

CNC Turning centers 4 Nos
· Precision Milling Machine with DPR etc.
· Die making tool room for Investment castings
· Conventional Lathes & Drill Machine