Diwan Chand Suraj Prakash Jain
11/43, Rambagh, Agra - 282001

Phone :+91-562-2344948/9
Fax : +91-562-4008282
e-mail : info@dcspj.com
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Melt Shop
At DCSP Jain we are equipped with melting facilities having three medium frequency Induction Furnaces -- two having a per melt capacity of 300 Kgs each and one having 50 kg.

Molding and Core Shop
At DCSP Jain we are equipped with Machine Molding, Shell Molding, Hand Molding Processes utilizing Synthetic, Green Sand, No- Bake / Air Set Sand, CO2  Sand and Oil Sand systems.

Fettling Shop
At DCSP Jain we are having a fully equipped fettling shop having belt type and twin table type shot blasting machines besides pedestal and swing type grinders.

Investment Casting Shop
At DCSP Jain we are having a fully equipped investment casting shop having eight wax injection machines and having a capacity to produce moulds of finished casting weight 50M.T. having a specialization in investment cast ductile iron. This shop has an independent fettling shop with state of the art equipments.
In order to keep up our reputation in quality we  have a well equipped quality control department.
This facilitates complete physical testing of Castings such as HARDNESS, LOAD TESTING, TENSILE, TRANSVERSE TESTING. This department also houses MICROSTRUCTURE ANALYSIS LAB. , CHEMICAL ANALYSIS LAB. and SAND TESTING SETUP”.

It has an excellent batch of technician and quality control personnel to ensure to total perfection of jobs is constantly engaged in research and development in order to serve our customer in better way. We also have digital on line testing facility for checking carbon,  silicon, carbon equivalent in cast iron, steel, and stainless steel.